Only physically there... { Hendersonville NC Photographer}
May 05, 2016
Only physically there... { Hendersonville NC Photographer}

It was a chilly October evening when I realized, “Oh my gosh! What happened? This can't be happening already!” It was senior night for my oldest son. I suddenly realized that I had missed the majority of his senior games. The games where he was getting to play football again, the game that he is so very passionate about, after he had to sit out the previous season due to medical reasons. The football season that we were so very grateful for when he was released to play again. There is just something about watching your child do something that they are so very passionate about. Something that makes him so very happy. And yet somehow, I had missed it. I made the very real ...

Teens and Tweens Model Call {Hendersonville, NC Photographers}
January 08, 2016
Only physically there... { Hendersonville NC Photographer}

*** Pssst.... be sure to read ALL THE WAY TO THE END for something pretty awesome!!! ***As many of you know, I am super passionate about creating experiences for my seniors to help build confidence and boost self esteem!  This is something that I feel so strongly about, and am constantly working to find ways to help the teens I have the privilege of working with, feel great about themselves!If you are the mother of a teen or tween, you probably already know how critical, and oftentimes difficult, these years can be.  So many changes happening during the teen years.  Starting new schools, making new friends, sports, clubs, boys, girls, acne, jobs...Just generally ...

CYBER MONDAY {Hendersonville, NC Senior Portraits)
November 30, 2015
Only physically there... { Hendersonville NC Photographer}

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Flower Senior Sesssion {Hendersonville, NC Senior Photographers}
November 01, 2015
Only physically there... { Hendersonville NC Photographer}

Happy November everyone!  I hope you had a safe & fun Halloween.  We ended up trick or treating 3 different times.  Downtown Hendersonville, in our neighborhood, and then at the Hoopla event put on by Biltmore Baptist.  Peyton had a ball!!!I'm so excited to finally get to share this session with you today!  This was a session that I shot over the summer for one of my #bmpseniormodels. Kaila is a class of 2016 senior from North Henderson High School.  I'm really hoping these images portray to you her absolutely beautiful personality!When we got together for her pre-session consult, she told me that she wanted to shoot at the North Carolina ...

Apple Ambassador {Henderson County, NC}
October 14, 2015
Only physically there... { Hendersonville NC Photographer}

So do you remember that time a few weeks ago when rain and storms rolled into Hendersonville every afternoon when I was supposed to be shooting?  I guarantee you Kayce remembers that lovely weather we had for several weeks since this poor girls session was rained out three different times.  There is just something about Kayce + Me + My Camera that ='s RAIN!!!  Even back in late June when we were supposed to shoot our 4th of July senior model shoot at Kayce's house, we were rained out two different times.  But luckily we eventually ended up with the PERFECT autumn day for Kayce's senior portraits!Please allow me to introduce to you a North Henderson High School 2016 ...