5 things you need to know about move in day! ☺
August 04, 2018
By Maya Ellis
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From guest writer, past 828Senior, Maya Ellis:


Moving into a college dorm is overwhelming and so exciting. Spending hours pinteresting how your room will look ☺, beginning to pack 6 months before move-in day, and messaging your future roomie for coffee dates. But there are a lot of things that people fail to mention before you move-in and I hope that I can pass along some helpful tips before your long-awaited day.

You’re going to be nervous!  I recall seeing signs before turning on to campus and feeling like throwing up. It finally sunk in that I was going to be on my own and sleep in a strange bed for the next year. I remember hugging my friends and family so much before they left, but I just had to rip the band-aid off and tell myself 100 times that I could do this. Don’t worry if you feel nervous because I can guarantee that the rest of the first-year students are feeling the same way you are.

The dorms are HOT! My move-in day was a million degrees and it was extremely difficult to unpack with at least 10 family members packed like sardines in my room. Most freshman dorms do not have AC, so make sure you prepare yourself for this concept. Bring a box-fan (or three) so that you are not tossing and turning from the heat. It also helps to bring your own miniature fan to keep by your bed for additional comfort.

You do not need to bring your whole closet!  I made the mistake of bringing almost all of my clothes and shoes with me to school. I thought I would wear cute clothes to class every day, but I shortly figured out that I didn’t need (and couldn’t fit) most of the clothes I brought with me. Only pack clothes for that season to save space. And you may figure out, like I did, that a t-shirt and athletic shorts become your only attire. ☺

Command Hooks Are Your Best Friend! Since my time at college, I have bought at least 10 packs of command hooks. They come in handy for things such as hanging your towels, mounting your portable fan, and decorating your room with Christmas lights. You may not need them now, but you never know what you could use them for! So go ahead and stock up ahead of time.

Double Check Before Buying. Some schools have restricted items, and it is important you check with the standards of the school before you buy a $40 crock pot. It will save you money and disappointment when checking in advance. It also helps to divide items with your roommate so that you do not show up on move-in day with two fridges in the room. ☺

So there you have it.  5 top tips for what to expect on college move in day from now college sophomore, Maya Ellis!  

I hope you found them helpful.  If you did, please share with a friend who is also stressing about move in day.  ♥

Have fun and send me pics of how you decorate your dorm room.  I can't wait to see!




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