7 Tips for taking more interesting photos!
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July 08, 2019
By Billie Mitchell
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Do you ever feel like the pictures you take are just kind of so so?  Would you love some simple tips on ways to shoot that can make your photos a little more interesting?  Today I have 7 tips for shooting more interesting photos.  They are simple and do not require any special equipment.  Heck, you can accomplish all of these methods using your iPhone.

TIP 1: Negative space. I love filling my frame with my subject most of the time, but there is also something powerful about allowing lots of negative space in an image.  Leaving so much negative space in this image helps draw the viewer's eye to the subject, and it also helps highlight the scale of my subject against the background.  Try leaving some negative space the next time you are taking pictures.

TIP 2: My second tip is movement.  Really simple.  Just ask your subject to move.  In this image I asked Emily to twirl because she had on a dress that was perfect for a twirl.  You could also ask your subject to jump or run.  I also love taking pictures of people walking away from me.  I know that sounds funny, but it helps tell a story.  

TIP 3: Details.  Take pictures of the details.  Don't always ask your subject to look at the camera.  Just take pictures of whatever they are doing.  I love how this image not only shows him having fun playing a game, but it shows his little hands and his baby teeth.  Things that probably wouldn't be noticed too much if I would have taken a picture of him just looking at the camera.  Next time you're taking pictures, grab a few shots of the details of the scene.

TIPS 4: Shoot through something.  Sometimes I'll shoot with the edge of a door frame in the image, or like in this image, a tree branch.  Shooting through something like this will create an interesting distance between the camera and subject.  This can also be a fun way to frame your subject.

TIP 5: Get down low.  For this image, I simply laid down on the ground and shot only their feet.  Again, just another take on what was going on.  Focusing in on details.  This is a fun thing to do if you're taking pictures of babies playing or laying on the floor.  Get down on the same level and shoot from there.  

TIP 6: Shoot up.  In this photo I sat down on the ground and shot upward while they were playing basketball.  Don't always stand and shoot from the same level as your subject.  Sometimes shooting up can give you some more interesting shots.

TIP 7: Props.  If you're taking pictures of someone doing something like playing the Ukulele, use the prop in some fun way.  In this example, I, of course, took a picture of her sitting and playing where you could see her body, her face, and the entire Ukelele.  But then we also had some fun and included the prop in a few unexpected ways.  


So there you have it.  7 simple ways to shoot more interesting photos.  I'd love if you implemented some of these ideas and then sent me what you come up with.  I'd love to see your take.  ☺


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