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April 13, 2018
By Dena Nix
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Today I'm sharing another guest post by one of my former 828Seniors.  Dena graduated from North Henderson High School in 2017 and is now attending Western Carolina University.  She is giving a little advice on what you can expect freshman year of college.  ☺

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Going off to college was something I had dreamed of for years, how great it would be being off on my own, how many new people I would neet, how easy college classes were going to be, then getting here some of what I thought it was going to be was COMPLETELY wrong.




The first week of college was syllabus week where literally all we did was go over each syllabus and maybe started a lesson, but that week showed me that I was not a kid anymore and I was my own responsibility now. The first week of classes is also something called add/drop week where you get the chance to go to that class and get the choice if you want to stay in that class the rest of the semester or you can drop that class and add another one. After add/drop week is over you cannot change your schedule anymore, which makes add/drop week even more stressful than it should be. After the first week is over that's when the homework begins. Homework has two completely different meanings from high school to college. High school all homework was for me was if you don't finish something in class or the occasional assignment that the teacher gives you for homework. College, however, is nothing but homework (approximately 2-4 hours per night). Being in each class for not quite three hours per week is not enough for a teacher to teach you everything you need to know for a huge exam at the end of the semester.

Then the other part of college is being on your own. This means making all your own decisions, not having someone to steer you on the right path, or someone to tell you what to do and what not to do. This can be very troublesome for lots of people as there is mostly only two paths for college students. The paths are the party path or the study path. Some people can make their college experience a mixture of both but for the most part you see the people who chose the party path barely passing their classes, and then you see the people on the study path that are making straight A’s. Make the right decision for yourself!

Overall going off to college is a great experience that I think everyone should have! There are a lot of differences between high school and college to be prepared for and face them head on. Be confident in yourself and your abilities and you will do great! Only YOU are incharge of YOUR future. 

With love and encouragement, ♥

Dena Nix

Class of 2017 828Senior

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