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May 28, 2018
By Billie Mitchell
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An inspiring woman who

successfully operates her

own business with dedication,

determination and vision

in addition to caring for

her own awesome children.


I've often felt the judgmental stares when I'm sitting on the park bench while my kids play on the playground instead of actively following them around and hovering over them incessantly.  Or when I'm sitting in the lawn chair next to the swimming pool while my kids play in the water, instead of getting in the pool with them and giving them ALL of my undivided attention ALL of the time.  

I've never been a mom who feels the need to entertain my children 100% of the time.  To make them feel like they are the ONLY thing that matters to me in the whole entire world.  To make them my sole focus every moment of every day.  In other words, I'm not a helicopter parent by any stretch of the imagination.  AND, I don't feel even 1% guilty saying those words.

Do my kids mean the world to me?  Of course they do!  Do I love them with ever fiber of my being?  Absolutely!  Do I 100% support them in all that they dream of and aspire to?  No doubt about it!  Do I love and adore them unconditionally?  Unquestionably!  Do I give them 1 on 1, undivided attention.  For sure!  Just not every second of our days.

I feel it's super important for them to find worth in themselves in their own ways.  I want them to learn to be confident in their own abilities without ALWAYS needing my help to accomplish things.  I don't want to be there EVERY SINGLE step of their lives to the point that they become anxious to be on their own when I can't be there.  

So as I sat at the hotel pool working on my laptop as my kids played together right in front of me, I did not feel one bit of the guilt that so many people like to put on working moms.  One of the beautiful things about being an entrepreneur is that I have the freedom to work when and where it's convenient for me, and take time off when and where it's necessary for my & my families needs.  So when my kids are happily and safely playing together, and I have some work that needs my attention, I choose to take that time to get that work done.  When my kids are sick and need my attention, have a school program, a doctor's appointment, or we just decide it's a good day to go for a hike, I have the awesome freedom to adjust my work schedule to meet their needs.  It's a give and take.  ☺

When I see a parent on their phone while their kids are playing at the playground, I don't always assume they are just scrolling mindlessly and are a terrible parent.  Even if they are on social media, who am I to judge.  Maybe their work relies on social media connections.  Or maybe they did just need some mindless scrolling.  I have no way of knowing their story, and quite frankly, it's not really any of my business.  Just as I don't care to be judged, I try not to pass any judgments on others. ☺


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