Southern Summers Creative Shoot - Asheville, NC
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August 24, 2018
By Maya Ellis
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Earlier this year when my Class of 2019 senior models joined my team, I decided to switch things up a little and have them give me ideas of what types of creative shoots they might like to do this year.  We scheduled a little get together at the studio that we lovingly called Popsicles & Planning.  ☺  I invited the girls one evening, served up some yummy popsicles, and we brainstormed ideas for our creative shoots.  

Some of the shoots they really wanted to do, were shoots they've seen me do in the past that they loved.  So we rescheduled some of those for them.  And then some of them were fresh new ideas that they came up with.  One of them was Southern Summers.  It was a theme that girls could take the idea and run with when coming up with their wardrobe.  Could be cut off shorts and flannel, could be a cute sundress, cowgirl boots were a definite, and even a cowgirl hat.  ♥

We picked a perfect location that had a beautiful field with the sun setting behind the girls which gave us some beautiful warm dreamy light for their photos.  And then there was also a creek very near by that allowed us to have some fun in the water for a few shots as well.  Having water in a shoot is also fantastic for cooling us off on a hot southern summer evening.  I tried to get some of the girls to lay down in the water for me for some fun and unique shots at the end of the shoot, but they all turned me down sadly.   They told me I was crazy and that the water was entirely too cold. ☺ But we did have some fun splashing in the water at the end which was not only fun, but also created great images that captured the joy and fun of the evening.

I LOVE these creative shoots not only for the beautiful imagery they produce, and more importantly the friendships that are created because of them. ♥ 

I hope you've had a beautiful and fun summer, and are ready for the start to a new school year.  


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