Thinking about rushing a sorority?
May 23, 2018
By Isabelle Denman, Guest Writer
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To be honest, I really never thought about joining a sorority whenever I was in high school. I had only ever heard of your typically stereotype of sorority girls, like you see on movies. And from that image, I sure did not want to be a part of anything like that. But one day I was talking to West Henderson's librarian, Mrs. Brown, and she asked me if I was going to rush because she wanted me to join her sorority, Alpha Delta Pi. Also, when I decided to go to the University of Tennessee, where I knew I wouldn’t know ANYONE, I thought it would be a good idea to become a part of something to make friends. So I rushed in 2016, and wow that was some kind of experience. I guess the experience would be different for everyone, but since I am at such a large school there were about 1,300 girls rushing. To put that into perspective- there are 13 sororities in the Panhellenic Council at UT, and each one tends to take 50ish girls (so needless to say, I did not actually expect to get a bid).


There was a full week of rushing, which was EXHAUSTING!! The first day, every girl rushing went to each house to talk to members for 20 minutes, and every day after that the house continued to narrow down until you had up to three houses left on the Preference Round. It was not guaranteed that you would be asked to come back to any houses at all (my roommate at the time was not asked back after the second day). SO anyways, I got to the last day and got a bid from Alpha Delta Pi, and I was so excited!


Now that I have been in the sorority for two years, I can honestly say that it is not all that it seems to be, especially if you are not from the same place as everyone else. To be fair, I have made some really great friends in ADPi, but most of the other girls would rather eat their left big toe than to make friends outside of their regular friend group. Most of the girls are from Nashville or Knoxville and they knew each other before joining, and they are not very keen to making new friends apparently. Apart from going to the mandatory meetings and events, I truly do not do anything else with ADPi. I do have fun whenever I go to events and such for ADPi, but I would much rather hang out with my roommate than to try and fit in with those girls.


Honestly, I just really didn’t care enough to force them to be my friend. And I am not that type of person that can easily fit in with a bunch of girls (I truly enjoy hanging out with guys much better). Please do not let my experience scare you away from rushing- because I am sure that you would have a much better experience than mine. Being in a sorority is a really fantastic way to make friends from all over the country and make such great connections with alumni. It is a great way to get involved with charity, make a difference in the community, and to build up your resume for jobs and other campus activities.


Izzy, College Sophomore


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