What is a 828 Senior Model?

The 828 Senior Model program is a group of high school seniors from various high schools across Western North Carolina that get the opportunity to experience a once in a lifetime senior portrait experience. Senior models will help me showcase my photography among their friends. They will help represent & promote the latest trends in senior photography and become the faces of Billie Mitchell Photography.

What perks to senior models receive?

Senior models receive numerous perks and opportunities starting at the end of their junior year. Many shooting opportunities, chances to model clothing, jewelry and other accessories for local boutiques, priority booking, themed shoots, and prizes!  Just to name a few.

What are the time commitments for a senior model?

Models decide how much time they want to commit to the program. There are only two shoots that are required. And one of those is the their senior session. Which they would of course be doing anyway. So really just one other time commitment. Beyond that, the models decide when and what they would like to participate in. Some models only complete the two required shoots, some take part in a handful of activities, and others LOVE to participate in just about everything that I offer. 

How is the 828 Senior Model program different from other model programs?

My model program is not like most others. Many programs simply shoot your senior session and ask that you pass out business cards to your friends to refer business back to the studio. My program is NOTHING like that. My program is fun! We take lots of pictures together beyond just your senior session + we do other fun things together outside of photography. It's an entire year long adventure!

Why do you run this senior model program?

I am very passionate about working with teens and helping to show them their true natural beauty, while also helping build self confidence and long lasting friendships. My model program is more than just a bunch of pretty faces. I select and invite girls and guys into my program that are great human beings, that represent themselves well among their peers, and will in turn represent me well in our community. When you become a 828 Senior Model, you are also becoming a face of my business. So while I am working to create a wonderful, once in a lifetime experience for every model I work with, I also want to make sure that I'm working with girls and guys that will be great representatives for my business.