The Guys

I know this site looks very feminine, and like I only work with girls, but that is NOT the truth! I do also love shooting high school guys.

I have three boys of my own, and I know as a mom how hard it is to get great pictures of your son. I also understand how much you would treasure some great images of your boy. That is one of the reasons why I love shooting high school guys so much. Mothers of daughters most likely have lots of pictures of their girls. Mamas of boys, not so much. I'd LOVE the opportunity to give you some amazing images of your boy!

I also know that your son might fight you on having senior pictures taken.  Many guys have no interest in senior portraits.  My best advice is to talk to him about including things that he loves in his session.  Meaning, if he is a musician, lets incorporate that into his session.  If he is an athlete, we'll include that in some cool way.  If he is a hunter, we can even showcase that in his pictures.  By incorporating whatever he is most passionate about, he will usually be a little more interested in the session.

Here is what one mom had to say after her son's session:

"Boys never like to get their pictures taken, and Adam is no exception. He was dreading it, to be blunt. :) However, you made everything go so smoothly and knew exactly what you were doing and how/when to do it, that it was all a breeze. He even commented that " It wasn't so bad and he actually had fun!"

If you are looking for someone to create some beautiful images of your son, someone that will know how to connect with him and pull out the best of him, and then capture it with my camera so that you will forever have those memories, please give me a call.  I'd love to do all of these things for you.

Contact me today if you would love to have beautiful images of YOUR son!